Marchal reflects the culinary love that quite literally has been the heart and soul of the d’Angleterre since 1755, where  Jean Marchal and Maria Coppy joined forces romantically and professionally to establish a restaurant, which later grew into the Hotel d’Angleterre. The tradition of fusing passion and culinary art continues at Marchal, which pays homage to the couple behind Hotel d’Angleterre. Marchal strives to make the d’Angleterre dining experience appealing to all of the senses, giving a modern urban touch to the tradition of culinary passion that has defined one of the world’s oldest luxury sites.

Michelin-awarded Executive Chef Ronny Emborg’s ambitious cuisine is inspired by the Nordic and French classics with a twist. ‘It is very important to me that we make delicious food at a high technical level that everyone can enjoy. Consequently, the menu is also filled with dishes at prices that appeals to everyone. This way you can chose depending on how hungry you are, and it is also easier for shoppers and locals to venture in for a bite to eat ‘ says the Head Chef, who also has a selection of larger servings on the menu entitled ‘Favourite Dishes’.

Please see our website for information on menus, location and opening hours or call us on +45 33 12 00 94.