Our history of art

A cultural landmark in Copenhagen

Besides elevating the guest experiences, the art in our hotel also creates a sense of place and identity, deeply rooted in Danish history but with inspiration from all over the world.

This becomes clear from the moment you enter our lobby, where you will find carefully curated artworks. On your right, as you approach the front desk, there is a wonderful oil painting of Britain’s Queen Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873). And above the reception desk, an original Andy Warhol (1928-1987) portrait of Denmark's very own Queen Margrethe II.

Celebrating artistic diversity
But we do not rely on the echoes of past geniuses alone. Our vision is to position the hotel as an active participant and a living artwork in our vibrant and ever-changing cultural capital. By regularly showcasing new Danish artists and allowing them to exhibit their work, we honour their creativity and provide a platform for their visions to flourish. Through these collaborations, we aim not only to enhance your stay but also to support and celebrate the artistic community that enriches our hotel with their talent.

Curating beauty
But art is so much more than the pieces displayed on the walls; it also shines through in the meticulous attention to detail regarding every aspect of the hotel, from textiles, colours and fragrances to decorations and flower arrangements, all brought to life by the vision of the hotel’s Creative Director and his staff.

As a unique treat, we offer a glimpse into the creative process in our boutique, CREATIONS, where you can browse carefully selected interior design from the hotel or indulge yourself in beautiful flower decorations.

Creative collaborations
To continue the cultural dialogue with the city’s like-minded creatives, we regularly open our doors to brands, designers, and artists who celebrate art in all its forms. We host everything from gallery showcases and product launches to intimate performances and fashion shows, fostering a dynamic cultural community within our walls and spilling out onto Kongens Nytorv.