Christmas Facade 2017

The spirit in town was lovely: it was winter, the snow fell white and quiet, the twilight lay like a soft carpet over the afternoon, and d’Angleterre’s light threw fairy shadows over the big square.

Christmas is the time for fairy tales and lights. And in keeping with tradition, d’Angleterre will once again light up the King’s Square with the unveiling of its new themed facade to mark the opening of the 2017 Christmas season.

This year, the facade is a tribute to one of our beloved regular guests, who is admired locally as well as far beyond the borders of Denmark. The Christmas facade at d’Angleterre (and the secret of this year’s theme) will be officially revealed on Friday, November 24 at 5PM, accompanied by the Royal Life Guard who will play winter and Christmas melodies, before and after the unveiling.

We look forward to sharing this magical afternoon with our guests, neighbors, friends, family and anyone with a love for the magical Christmas season, which starts when d’Angleterre’s facade brightens up the winter darkness in Copenhagen. Here, you can read more about the lovely Christmas season at d’Angleterre.