Christmas for Children 2023-2024

Christmas for children


Christmas is like a fairy tale come to life for children, a time filled with excitement, joy and coziness. At d’Angleterre, we go to great lengths to create the ultimate Christmas adventure for our youngest guests, which begins from the moment we welcome them with homemade Christmas cookies and sweets in a cute d’Angleterre tin house and a little booklet of Christmas stories.

From December 20 to 29, d’Angleterre will also boast a special playroom for children, where they can play with the hotel’s other young guests.
The holiday culminates on Christmas Eve with a visit from Santa Claus, who, of course, brings presents for all good children everywhere – especially at the d’Angleterre. 

If you have questions about Christmas for children at d’Angleterre, 
please contact our reception.