Creations Book

Creations Book

d’Angleterre Creations book

Hotel d’Angleterre is known as one of the most prestigious and beautiful buildings in Copenhagen. The owner, Remmen Foundation, has exclusively invited a publishing company behind the scenes to follow the year at d’Angleterre and publish the unique stories and experiences.

The book therefore tells the story in both pictures and words about one of the biggest architectural icons on Copenhagen’s city scene. Above all, the book follows d’Angleterre’s Creative Director Alan Evensen and his preparations for all the annual feasts and events such as Christmas, New Years Eve, the Queen’s birthday and Copenhagen Fashion Week. The book also shows the creative process of the beautiful and extraordinary floral arrangements that set the special scene for d’Angleterre’s guests.

On the illustrative level, the book will focus on the historical architecture of the building and not least the lay-out and the design that influence the interior of d’Angleterre – a puzzle also influenced by Alan Evensen unique flower decorations. During the book, Alan Evensen also recreates some of the bouquets he has made over the years for some of d’Angleterre’s famous guests.

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