Signature Flowers

Signature Flowers



Spring is an intoxicating sensation of a fresh new season, which fills the city. There is a new crispness in the air, fledgling buds on the trees and a vernal atmosphere both at d’Angleterre and in Copenhagen. With an intuitive approach to how everything is growing and everything is on its way, flower bouquets at this time of the year can be made of Scented Lilacs, French Tulips, apple and cherry branches, Magnolias, Ranuculuses, Daffodils and Jonquils, Pansies, Japanese cherry trees, Calla Lilies, Vanda Orchids, French vanilla Snapdragons, Fritillaries, Fluted Auriculas.


Summertime is characterised by openness and ease, once the warmth and the sun finally has taken hold. The summer is more free and garden-themed compared to spring. This is translated into less restrained and more passionate floral arrangements. The focus lies more on the blooming effect rather than exotic flowers and bouquets are made of Peonies, Garden Roses, Digitalis, Delphiniums, Sweet Pea, Scabiosa, Hydrangea, Vanda Oichids, Clemantis and late summer berries.


Autumn often arrives without anyone really notices it and with it comes a chill in the air and new colours, which follow the decay that autumn also symbolises. It is, however, an ever-recurring source of inspiration for floral arrangements. While autumn is more dramatic and melancholy the strong colours adds an intensity that the softer palette of the summer does not possess. Therefore, bouquets are made of Dahlias, Garden roses, Gardenias, Camellias, Limelights, Hydrangeas, Blackberries, Beautyberries, Flowering Crabapple branches and green rose hips.


Winter marks both the time of cold and dark days and with few hours of sunlight and colours. However, with winter comes Christmas and the special atmosphere all around that fills rooms with colours and familiar scents of warmth and cosiness. To help with this, Amaryllis, Buttercups, Christmas roses, French anemones, red Carnations, Hyacinths, Iceland poppies, Snowdrops and spring snowflakes can often be found in the winter bouquets.