d'Angleterre At Home

New Year

This year you have the opportunity to organize a New Year's Eve in the spirit of d'Angleterre in your own home with the most exquisite New Year's menu straight from our kitchen. Our skilled chefs have put together the most fantastic New Year's menu, which requires minimal preparation for the host - and which is guaranteed to ensure an exquisite gastronomic start to the new year. 

Welcomed by the captivating tunes of our live jazz band, immerse yourself in the festively adorned Palm Court ambiance. You may choose to enhance your experience by purchasing a glass of Champagne to elevate the celebration.

Furthermore, we offer a selection of Champagnes, wines, upgrades for your menu, New Year's decorations for your dinner table, delicacies and sweets from MAISON. 

d'Angleterre Prestige Menu

Crispy crustade with lightly smoked salmon tartare, smoked cheese & dill snow panko 
 Fried beef croquette with a variation of onions & smoked cheese 
 Jamón Iberico bellota & saffron aioli 

Fried langoustine with pickled tapioca pearls, white radish & buttermilk sauce with dill oil

Turbot soufflé with Champagne beurre blanc, dried roe, cabbage & sea buckthorn leather 

Tournedos of veal tenderloin with rehydrated potatoes, truffle purée, confit king oyster mushroom & morel glace 

Danish farm cheeses with olives, apple compote, crisp – and rye tuille & mead shot 

Chocolate mousse made of Valrhona Manjari & caramèlia with lime caramel, almond cake, gold dust & dulcey ice cream 

 Almond cake with crispy chocolate 

Beef slider with gruyére cheese & breaded chicken with cheddar, cep emulsion, tomato relish & crispy cabbage 

The menu comes with sourdough bread and salted butter 

Price per person DKK 1,250   


Smaller version of our prestige menu with three types of canapés, four courses and almond cake.

DKK 995 per person. 

It is possible to change your menu to vegan. Choose vegan menu under options towards the end of your order.
DKK 1,250 per person 

There is also a menu especially for children available as an additional choice.
DKK 595 per person.

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