d'Angleterre At Home

New Year's takeaway

This year, you have the opportunity to host a New Year's Eve entirely in the spirit of d'Angleterre, but in the cozy surroundings of your own home. For this special occasion, our skilled chefs have created an exquisite menu that requires minimal preparation for you as the host - but is guaranteed to ensure an exquisite gastronomic start to the new year.

Experience the festive hotel

The New Year’s extravaganza is kicked off already upon pick up of your takeaway, where you will be greeted by the festively adorned ambiance of our Palm Court. Our Creative Director and his team will transform the ballroom into the most magnificent showroom of elegantly set tables, beautiful floral centrepieces and a veritable cornucopia of handpicked decorations.

Enjoy the jazzy tunes, purchase a glass of champagne and immerse yourself in our lavish New Year’s pop-up shop that includes delicacies like wine, bubbles, truffles and caviar, decorations for your dining table and sweets from MAISON. In short, everything that contributes to making the last evening of the year a truly unforgettable one.

The New Year's menu from our kitchen comes in three different versions

• d'Angleterre menu: DKK 995 per person. See full menu.
• d'Angleterre vegan menu: DKK 995 per person. See full menu.
• d'Angleterre kids menu: DKK 595 per person. See full menu.

Order your menus here

Every version comes with a beautiful presentation of the menu that you can place on your guests' plates to elevate the dining experience.

In addition, it will be possible to add the following to your order:

• Wine menu with a selection of bottles (for 4-6 people)
• Main course for pescatarians
• Cheese
• Late-night snacks

See the full d'Angleterre menu

Crustade with brown crab & horseradish emulsion
waffle with trout roe & citrus crème fraîche
puffed tapioca chips

Lobster with salsify cream, crunchy tuille, balsamic pearls & flower dust

Citrus poached lemon sole with cabbage
& blue mussel sauce split with dill oil

Danish veal tenderloin with carrots in variation, pickled shallot, pommes anna & burgundy sauce

Chocolate-mocha sponge, caramelized hazelnut, Tonga tuille & buttermilk ice cream with citrus

Almond cake with chocolate