Brunch at d'Angleterre is a true Copenhagen tradition. Normally we reserve Sundays for this event, but as a special treat, we have decided to open up for Saturday Brunch as well, but on one date only.

On Saturday, March 9th, we are serving a delicious brunch in our beautiful historic halls, Palm Court & Louis XVI. 

Whether something needs celebrating or someone deserves pampering, we offer a magical, memorable, and gastronomic experience accompanied by jazzy tunes and the magical whispers of history.

The brunch is served as a luxurious and extensive buffet and contains everything your heart might desire on a Saturday. You can look forward to indulging in everything from butter croissants to lobster bisque. 

Browse the entire menu here: 

  • A glass of Champagne
  • Egg Florentine, croutons, sauce Hollandaise & dill oil
  • Sourdough bread, rye bread with seeds
  • Butter croissants & Danish pastry
  • Melon salad with berries, passion fruit & shiso cress
  • d’Angleterre marmelades
  • Chia yoghurt with honey roasted granola
  • Lightly smoked salmon with cream cheese, dill and white radish
  • Baked scallop, baby potatoes & chichweed
  • Cod, salted almonds, cauliflower & vanilla oil
  • Quiche with dried ham, burned onions & cheese
  • Lobster bisque, parsley oil & portobello mushrooms
  • Leaf steamed potatoes, smoked cheese & radishes
  • Danish & Italian charcuterie
  • Scrambled eggs, rosemary bacon & brunch sausages
  • Panko breaded breast of guinea fowl, cep mushrooms & herb salad
  • Veal culotte, Dijon & veal glace
  • Pearl barley risotto with cream cheese & apple vinegar
  • Caesar salad, cheese & wheat croutons
  • Danish cheeses, hip rose compote & crispy ryebread
  • American pancakes & maple syrup
  • Hazelnut truffles
  • Lemon mazarin with meringue
  • Chocolate mousse with broken gel
  • Smoothie & juice
  • Bloody Mary
  • Coffee & tea

DKK 995

Unfortunately, we are now fully booked for Saturday Brunch on March 9th.

Reservations can only be made online via DinnerBooking.

Please be aware that reservations are accepted for a minimum of four guests only.