Brunch at d'Angleterre is a true Copenhagen tradition. On Saturday September 7, we serve a very special version in our beautiful Palm Court & the extravagant Louis XVI.

Whether something needs celebrating or someone deserves pampering, we offer a magical, memorable, and gastronomic experience accompanied by jazzy tunes and the magical whispers of history in the historic halls. 

The brunch is served as a luxurious and extensive buffet and contains everything your heart might desire on a Saturday. You can look forward to indulging in everything from butter croissants to lobster bisque.

Browse the entire menu here:

A glass of champagne

Oysters natural
Croque monsieur, truffle, fried egg & chanterelles
Sourdough bread & rye bread
Butter croissants & pastries
Fruit salad, berries & toasted buckwheat
d'Angleterre marmalades
Vanilla yogurt with forest berries & granola
Salmon terrine, broken gel with champagne & verbena
Buckwheat blinis, roe, whipped crème fraîche & red onion
Guinea fowl salad, apple, celery & porcini
Quiche with leek, Vesterhavs cheese & romanesco dressing
Lobster bisque, oyster mushrooms & dill oil
Danish cold cuts & garnishes
Scrambled eggs, rosemary bacon & brunch sausages
Glazed pork cheek, aromatic herbs & crispy Skagen ham
Danish veal tenderloin with truffle sauce
Pearl barley risotto with fresh cheese, spring onions & cauliflower
Caesar salad, parmesan & sourdough croutons
Danish farm cheeses, rosehip compote & crisp bread
American pancakes & hazelnut spread
Belgian waffles with crème chantilly
Whisky truffle with cocoa
Lemon mazarin with thyme curd
White chocolate panna cotta with raspberry gel

Smoothies & juices
Bloody Mary
Coffee & tea

DKK 995

Reservations can only be made online. Book tickets here

Please be aware that reservations are accepted for a minimum of four guests only.