Johannes Holt Iversen exhibition

Johannes Holt Iversen exhibition

From April 27 and all through spring and summer, Johannes Holt Iversen will be exhibiting his works in MARCHAL and Upper Lobby for our guests to enjoy. 

Johannes is a Danish painter and sculptor and an apprentice of Danish artist Erik Rytter (former assistant of Poul Gernes). In his art, he focuses on exploring the tension between artificial and organic material and life forms and works with both traditional art forms and cutting-edge technology including AI, to imbue his viewers with an existential awareness of the hyper-slick representation of reality that surrounds them.

Step into the restaurant and let your gourmet experience be elevated by the presence of the artworks.  

All exhibited pieces are for sale and information about the artworks and their prices can be obtained via the artist's website or by contacting Annika Nuttall Gallery