Bespoke boat tours

Bespoke boat tours

The harbour of Copenhagen has always shaped the city – from the fishermen’s and merchant’s port of old times to the recreative areas it represents today. Danish history has unfolded in and around the canals and a boat tour is therefore the ideal way to experience the true nature of the city.

From the waterside, you can behold the breathtaking vistas of iconic landmarks like Nyhavn, the majestic Royal Danish Opera, the picturesque Christianshavn's Canal, the iconic Our Saviour's Church with its famed twisted spire, and the venerable old Stock Exchange building.

While there are myriad ways to experience Copenhagen's waterfront, nothing compares to a tailor-made boat tour. Let our concierge team craft a bespoke journey just for you - perhaps a pre-dinner cruise, where you can savor an aperitivo on the water, or a leisurely lunchtime excursion with your own picnic hamper.

Example of bespoke boat tour

Imagine gliding through the iconic Copenhagen canals aboard a vintage mahogany wooden boat from 1964, immersing yourself in the city's timeless charm. The duration and itinerary are entirely up to you, and we're delighted to arrange every detail, from flowers and Champagne to gourmet snacks and expert guides.

MAISON, our in-house delicacy shop, specializes in bringing the gastronomic cuisine and rarefied taste experiences of MARCHAL beyond the walls of d’Angleterre and would be delighted to create a personalized hamper for you to bring on the boat.

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Photos: Thomas Rousing and Giuseppe Liverino, Wonderful Copenhagen