Royal castle tours

Royal castle tours

Denmark's monarchy boasts over a 1,000 years of history, making it one of the oldest royal houses in the world. Copenhagen, therefore, stands as a beacon for enthusiasts of royal heritage, brimming with majestic castles, glittering crown jewels, and an aura of regal grandeur just waiting to be uncovered.

While the city's castles are open for public exploration, elevate your experience with a private tour arranged by our concierge team. Here you will gain exclusive access to hidden corners and secret chambers under the expert guidance of our experienced guide that is quite the cultural history connoisseur.

Our guide offers both lectures, city walks and guided tours - adapted to your personal interests and wishes. 

Explore the grandeur of: 

• Rosenborg Castle – home to the illustrious crown jewels
• The Amalienborg Museum, nestled in Frederik's City
• Christian VII’s Palace
• Frederiksborg Castle
• The Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg Palace
• And countless other treasures waiting to be discovered

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To read more about the royal castles of Copenhagen please visit the website of Visit Copenhagen

Photos: Mikkel Grønlund, Kongelige Slotte