Cooking Classes Danish style

Cooking Classes Danish style

Danish gastronomy is a brand in itself and our small country can boast of some of the very best restaurants in the world – many of them located right here in the capital. If you want first-hand experience with the unique techniques and flavours of our country, we are more than happy to arrange a cooking class for you  just moments away from the hotel.

No visit to Denmark is complete without ‘smørrebrød’ and Danish pastry, and these two classes are therefore very popular with our guests. Whether you're drawn to the art of fermentation or interested in the traditional Danish specialties, our concierge team will tailor the perfect culinary experience for you, be it in a cozy group setting or as an exclusive private event.

Danish pastry: In this class you'll dive into the intricate process of laminating, folding, and shaping dough, while mastering various toppings and fillings. You will be all set to create different types of Danish pastry that you will bake fresh and enjoy straight away with a cup of coffee – the true Danish way.

Smørrebrød: In this class you will discover the art of creating a Danish style lunch and learn to make the best open-faced sandwiches in the world. You will create a variety of seasonal and traditional toppings, dressings, garnishes and fillings – and decorate your sandwiches to satisfy all senses.

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To learn more about Copenhagen as a gastro destination visit the website of Wonderful Copenhagen

Photos: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard and Daniel Rasmussen, Wonderful Copenhagen