Copenhagen Distillery Tour

Copenhagen Distillery Tour

Learn our Scandinavian approach to flavour with a private tour and tasting at the Copenhagen Distillery.

Here they craft gin, aquavit, and single malt whisky, with a simplistic design-centric focus: Composing intense flavours into precise, potent balances with as few ingredients as possible.

The team applies their expert knowledge and experience in distillation and in flavours to illustrate the passion and personalities in our spirits.

We have teamed up with Copenhagen Distillery to offer you a behind-the-scenes visit with an explorative tasting. You will be welcomed with a refreshing drink before a private tour through their meticulously designed production. Finally, you will explore their approach to understanding and composing flavour, tasting their award-winning gin and aquavit range. 

Lastly, you will be back to d’Angleterre with a goody bag for inspiration and further exploration!

The d’Angleterre London Dry Gin History

Here at d’Angleterre, we requested the Copenhagen Distillery to create a refined, epochal signature gin, imbued with the hotel’s spirit of luxury, capturing the essence of traditional luxury in contemporary composure. The gin was inspired by d’Angleterre’s exquisite French kitchen and Balthazar’s velveteen plushness. Into the balance, Copenhagen Distillery incorporated the blooming linden trees of nearby Kongens Nytorv, lifting traditional Scandinavian angelica.

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Photos: Mellanie Gandø and Copenhagen Distillery