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Gyldenholm Estate

Gyldenholm Estate

To the manor born at Gyldenholm Estate

Welcome to this unique visit of Gyldenholm Estate, which has been in private ownership of the noble family Neergaard since its construction in 1864 and is steeped in the greatness of the past.  On this private visit you will be welcomed by owners Jacob & Rosanna de Neergaard who will guide you around their elegant home, including private rooms and areas that have never been open to the public.   After the tour, a delicious lunch is hosted and served in the great hall.

Gyldenholm is 95 kilometres west of Copenhagen and takes 1 & ¼ hours to drive there making a wonderful day out. 


Gyldenholm is one of the last great manor houses built in Denmark and the largest private home in this part of the country.  Built in palatial style and finished in 1864, by a 23-year-old bachelor for a life of entertaining. The house is richly decorated with original artwork by famous painters from the Danish Golden Age of the 19th century. The house was abandoned in the 1940s and was in a state of decay for most of the previous century, until the current owners embarked on a thorough, careful, and still ongoing restoration.  The Neergaard family have from 2020 once again made the great house their home, the first time in three generations.

Close by and certainly worth a combined visit is the Trelleborg Viking Fortress One of the places where the Viking Age can be experienced close at hand is the Viking fortress of Trelleborg. The impressive remains of one of the Vikings’ great ring fortresses were originally constructed around AD 980 by King Harald Bluetooth and are located in the beautiful area of Tude Ådal. The museum at Trelleborg includes models, archaeological finds and reconstructions that give a vivid impression of Trelleborg’s history, its inhabitants and the function of the fortress.

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