Copenhagen this season

Friday Rock in Tivoli Gardens: April 13 - September 21
Friday Rock in Tivoli Gardens is among Denmark’s most popular venues for open-air concerts. Every year, Friday Rock attracts around half a million pop and rock fans in all ages. Year after year, Tivoli presents a diverse program, covering both international stars, new talents and artists that will bring nostalgia to the grey-haired guests. The concerts are free once the entrance to Tivoli has been paid.

Opening of Reffen: April 27
Copenhagen’s new up-coming urban neighbourhood, Refshaleøen, will soon get a new playground for creative minds and street food enthusiasts near the waterfront. The new project has been given the working title “Reffen”, which is the nickname of the island. The ambition is to create a melting pot with a food market, creative workshops and start-ups, cultural experiences and innovative projects. The ambition is to create a new urban space, community and playground for innovative projects, pop-ups, creative work- shops, gastronomy and culture of all kinds.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival: April 28 - 29
Join the Japanese celebration of the beautiful Sakura trees right by Langelinie Park. In Japan, people love and admire the Sakura trees that has now taken roots in the north as well. Once a year, when the trees bloom, families, lovers and friends meet under the pink blossoms to take in their beauty. Copenhagen Sakura Festival brings this Japanese tradition to Copenhagen with a cultural event that takes place in Langelinie Park. By then, the 200 cherry blossom trees in the park will be bursting with pink.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival: May 2 - 16
Copenhagen Architecture Festival aims to rethink the representation of architecture, highlighting its qualities and diversity and creating discussion. The festival was founded in 2014 and now has satellite festivals taking place in Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg as well. As a visitor, you can enjoy and participate in film screenings, talks, walks, debates, master classes, workshops, conferences and major international exhibitions.

Picasso Ceramics at Louisiana: February 1 - May 27
A presentation of Pablo Picasso's original ceramics marks the beginning of Louisiana's 60th anniversary year. With more than 150 pieces it is the first major exhibition in Scandinavia focusing on this late and lesser-known – but highly imaginative – part of Picasso's work.