Local Secrets

The Little Mermaid at Sunrise
Get up early and take a stroll along the waterfront to see The Little Mermaid before the tourist crowds descend on Copenhagen’s beloved statue. At sunrise, the eastward-facing shore is bathed in the morning sun and you will have The Little Mermaid all to yourself. At 8am you will hear at least three different church bells welcoming the sun and a new day as the sole sound in the sleepy city. From the hotel, the stroll takes less than half an hour. A wonderful way to start the day – and then you also get to see The Royal Castle, Nyhavn and the amazing Royal Opera House.

Refreshing Habour Bath
From late June to early September the habour bath at Islands Brygge (on the north-western coast of Amager) is the perfect sport for a refreshing dip in the clear harbour water with the city's skyline in free view. The habour bath embrace families and children, exercise swimmers and sunbathers.
King’s Garden & Rosenborg Castle
Just around the corner from the hotel, you will find the beautiful King’s Garden. Pick up a coffee to go at Coffee Factory at Gothersgade – the best coffee in town – and bring it with you to The King’s Garden. Find a sunny spot at the North East corner and enjoy the view to Rosenborg Castle.
Frederiksberg by Bike

Take a hotel bike to the amazing Frederiksberg Garden. Follow the route along Gammel Kongevej – named the best shopping street in Copenhagen by Copenhageners. Jump off the bike whenever you see a shop worth exploring and finish your ride in the beautiful surroundings of Frederiksberg Garden. If you get hungry, try the fantastic brunch at Café Sokkelund located by the secret entrance to the garden behind Frederiksberg Town Hall.
Waterfront Copenhagen
Chart your own pace and course and enjoy the city, the waterfront and the beautiful, cozy canals by water with your “own” boat from GOBOAT. GOBOAT is located at Islands Brygge, just a 20-minute walk from the hotel. Neither a boating license nor experience is required to operate the boat – and you can even bring your own picnic box.