WEDNESDAY, November 6th FROM 8PM - 10PM

As the francophiles that we are, Champagne has a special place in our hearts. 

Therefore we would like to take you on a gastronomic and vinous journey to the Land of the Grapes, France.

We will serve three glasses of different Champagnes, accompanied by three small servings from our Michelin-star restaurant, Marchal.

You will get a full presentation of the chosen Champagnes from Frans Fossing from Theis Vine, and by the end of the night we will find a lucky winner of a Magnum Champagne.

DJ Rasmus Backhaus will be playing you sweet french tunes during this bubbly night.

So stop by Balthazar to get a true taste of France and to learn more about the amazing world of Champagne.

Only 60 seats available.

DKK 495,- per person ex. ticket fee.

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