Delicacy shop in Copenhagen

Maison d'Angleterre

MAISON d'Angleterre is a culinary destination for discerning connoisseurs. A pink and joyful universe created with the vision to give hotel guests and everyone else the opportunity to take a piece of d’Angleterre home with them.

Here you will find the finest delicacies from the Michelin-starred kitchens of MARCHAL, along with many other wonderful products, carefully selected to indulge both the palate and the soul. Everything is made with love by our creative pastry chefs in cooperation with the chefs at MARCHAL and the mixologists at BALTHAZAR – from delicate macarons, heavenly chocolates and gourmet sandwiches to our renowned Downton Abbey cocktail mix.

In the morning, MAISON d'Angleterre smells of freshly brewed coffee and warm house-made croissants, and in the afternoon, our skilled confectioner serves little pieces of heaven - beautifully designed cakes to be enjoyed either in-house at MAISON or for takeaway in one of our cute MAISON cake boxes.

To bring the gastronomic cuisine and rarefied taste experiences of MARCHAL beyond the walls of d’Angleterre, to the streets of Copenhagen and its passersby, we roll out the MAISON Trolley. Here we serve Michelin ice cream in the summer and warm gløgg in the winter.

The shop is stocked daily with freshly baked cakes, pastries and other refined delicacies. As the seasons change, the selection does as well, but there are certain products that you will always be able to find on the shelves – for example caviar, Champagne, chocolate, and macarons. In short, all the good things in life!