Maison Concept

Our Concept

MAISON was created of the desire to bring the gastronomic cuisine and rarefied taste experiences of Marchal beyond the walls of d’Angleterre, to the streets of Copenhagen and its passersby. The shop is stocked daily with freshly baked cakes, pastries and other refined delicacies. And as the seasons change, the selection changes as well, but there are certain products that you will always be able to find on the shelves.

Our history: 
Almost 300 years ago at Christiansborg, which then was the residence of the Danish royal family, the daughter of the king's chef, Marie, ran around in the bustle of the royal kitchen. From a very young age, she learned all about the most beautiful delicacies and about finer cuisine, and Marie developed into a true master of royal gastronomy. As a young woman, she fell head over heels in love with the Frenchman Jean Marchal, who was a servant of Count Danneskjold-Laurvig and therefore had his way into the royal chambers. Together, the young couple formed a strong duo, and since they both had strong connections to the court, they obtained the grant "Tractør & Skienck for Campemangen". This was in 1755, the year of the official birth of d’Angleterre.
Marie and Jean's love for the finer points of gastronomy and supremely elegant service has been passed down from generation to generation, all the way to modern-day chefs and waiters at d’Angleterre - and it is this love of which MAISON is born.
This is not the first time in d’Angleterre’s long history that its desserts have been the talk of the town. In the mid-20th century, d’Angleterre housed the Desiree patisserie, widely known as the best in the city - and far beyond the country’s borders.