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You will always find the most beautiful specialties at MAISON. Some are always on the shelves and others come and go with the seasons.

  • Homemade strawberry jam: Made from seasonal strawberries, juice of elderflower, vanilla and a touch of dark rum
    DKK 85 
  • Homemade blueberry jam: Made from the season’s harvest of blueberries, vanilla, star anise and red port wine
    DKK 85
  • Homemade carrot-sea buckthorn jam: Made from organic carrots and sea buckthorn berries prepared with vanilla and flavored with cold-pressed ginger juice
    DKK 85. (Package with all three jams DKK 200)
  • Rapeseed oil from Bornholm: Used in MARCHAL
    DKK 95
  • Rapeseed and truffle oil from Bornholm: Used in MARCHAL
    DKK 105
  • Rossini Caviar Gold Selection: Large golden and creamy grains, on the lighter side of the color scale. 
    DKK 850 (two spoons are included)
  • The d'Angleterre Afternoon Tea
    DKK 175
  • The d'Angleterre White Tea
    DKK 175
  • d’Angleterre’s own gin
    DKK 525 
  • d’Angleterre The White Lady Champagne Blanc de Blancs
    DKK 1050 
  • d’Angleterre The White Lady Champagne Blanc de Blancs: Piccolo size
    DKK 250
  • d’Angleterre Champagne Rosé
    DKK 1050
  • Maison Gold Dragée: Salted almonds coated with white- and milk chocolate
    DKK 150
  • Napkins made of water based colors: 20 pcs per package - 40x40 cm
    DKK 50
  • Maison Rocher: Handmade chocolate truffles with caramel and hazelnuts
    DKK 30 pr. piece (12 pieces in a Maison Box - DKK 310)
  • Maison Marshmallows: Choose between passionfruit, vanilla or cherry
    DKK 85 
  • Maison Macarons: Choose between yuzu, raspberry & lime, blackcurrant, pistachio, hazelnut & chocolate or salted caramel
    DKK 30 pr. macaron. 6 pieces in a Maison box DKK 195  
  • Maison Apron
    DKK 499