Copenhagen Weddings at d'Angleterre


If you are looking for an exceptional wedding in Copenhagen, arrange a wedding at the most luxurious and historic hotel in Denmark. d’Angleterre is the perfect setting for one of the most special days of your life. 

Suitable for every kind of wedding and reception, d’Angleterre ensures nothing but the very best for every couple. With the timeless elegance of our wedding venues, we offer you ultimate luxury whether you are looking to plan a big fairy tale wedding or a smaller, romantic reception. A wedding comes in 1000 editions. 

Whether you dream of a wedding in springtime, when the air is filled with new beginnings, a summer wedding when the nights are bright and vibrant, an autumn wedding lit with warm candlelight's, or a winter wedding where everything is as white and crisp as the freshly fallen snow, we can create the unforgettable celebration of a lifetime for you and your guests in our beautiful historical setting.

The menus are carefully composed with all the best each season has to offer – designed in close consultation with you, so that every taste experience we provide for you and your guests, is in perfect harmony with both the season and your particular tastes.

Also, when it comes to flowers and decoration, our skilled floral designers create the most beautiful surroundings with the flowers of the season - all tailored to your style so as to exactly capture the mood you want to express.

Our dedicated and specialized event team will assist you in the planning and execution of your wedding ensuring a seamless experience, creating perfect and lasting memories. Here you can view our beautiful wedding photo gallery.

The bride and groom can expect: 

  • A customized wedding
  • Exceptional service
  • Lavish wedding venues
  • Beautiful decorations
  • Exclusive Champagne bar

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Frequently Asked Questions

d’Angleterre, one of Copenhagen's most luxurious wedding venues, offers amazing facilities for all sorts and sizes of weddings, and we will go out of our way to ensure the bride, her party, and her husband-to-be are offered every luxury.
d’Angleterre's Palm Court is the biggest ballroom in Copenhagen, and beautiful natural light will flood the room on your wedding day, bathing your tailored decorations, and hand-picked menus with gorgeous light, only the beauty of the bride will rival.
A wedding at d’Angleterre is like no other, and our custom decorations from Creations will include not only flower arrangements, but scents, music, and lighting, so you can have your dream wedding, while we run behind the scenes.
Hotel d’Angleterre offers exquisite wedding packages, with your choice of ballrooms and banquet rooms from Palm Court to Louis XVI to Empire, which will be designed meticulously to be sensory heaven. Our flowers are arranged by visuals, and by scents. We can offer you one of the most romantic settings for a wedding in Copenhagen.
If you are interested in a stunning d’Angleterre wedding, we would be thrilled to speak with you about your dream wedding. Please contact us by using the enquiry form here.