Maison - Breakfast

Breakfast in MAISON

Rise and shine in style with Maison's new breakfast menu! From egg classics to American pancakes with syrup, our expanded hours (8AM-18PM) and seating mean you can now start your day with a touch of luxury. Join us and indulge in our delightful croissants, coffee, and more, or grab a to-go treat on the fly. Bon app├ętit!

Breakfast is served:
Monday - Friday 8AM-10AM
Saturday 8AM-11AM


- Egg Florentine DKK 175
- Egg benedict DKK 175
- Crushed Avocado DKK 175
- American pancakes with syrup DKK 125
- Chia yoghurt DKK 65
- Melon salad DKK 65
- Topped Croissants: Pistachio & Chocolate DKK 55
- Plain DKK 50
- Danish Pastry (Spandauar with strawberry and vanilla) DKK 55

Please see our full menu here