Maison - Cake Art

Cake Art

MAISON's cakes are in a league of their own. The sweet wonders are created with equal parts love, culinary technique and design flair by our talented pastry chef, Freja Krarup, and they can be enjoyed either in the shop with a view of Kongens Nytorv, or for takeaway in one of the cute MAISON cake boxes.

Our special selection of cakes:  
CHOCOLATE CAKE: Hazelnuts and Valrhona chocolate: DKK 85 
LEMON PIE: Lemon cream with lime and bergamot: DKK 80 
CHERRY FLOWER: Ball with cherry, vanilla and chocolate: DKK 80
CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE for 7-8 persons: DKK 450
BLUEBERRY LAYER CAKE for 7-8 persons: DKK 450
MAISON TEDDY: Chocolate biscuits, raspberry ganache with popping candy: DKK 75 
MAISON ROCHER: DKK 25 kroner pr. piece, DKK 285 for 12 pieces.   

  • Salted caramel and mascarpone
  • Blackcurrant and milk chocolate
  • Pistachio and Raspberry  
DKK 75 pr. piece. - 4 for DKK 265 

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